US pledges to accelerate emission cuts

The US has committed to lower its carbon emissions by 26-28 per cent by 2025, effectively doubling its current annual pace of reduction.

Countries had to submit their pledges to the UN this March ahead of the signing of a global agreement on global warming which is due to take place in Paris at the United Nations Climate Change Conference at the end of the year.

The EU has already promised to reduce its emissions by a similar amount.

A US government announcement said: "The target is fair and ambitious. The United States has already undertaken substantial policy action to reduce its emissions.

Additional action to achieve the 2025 target represents a substantial acceleration of the current pace of greenhouse gas emission reductions.

"Achieving the 2025 target will require a further emission reduction of 9-11 per cent beyond our 2020 target compared to the 2005 baseline and a substantial acceleration of the 2005-2020 annual pace of reduction, to 2.3-2.8 per cent per year, or an approximate doubling."