Soap recycling charity signs first European hotels

Soap recycling charity Clean The World has signed its first European hotel members.


London Heathrow Marriott Hotel and Hilton Paris Opera will be donating their discarded soap and bottled amenities to the charity in order to help people in Europe at risk from hygiene-related illness. 


Clean the World has been operating in North America and Asia for six years and has a total 4,000 hotel partners. Hilton Worldwide is Clean the World's largest global partner, with more than 560 properties participating.


The charity anticipates swiftly adding more European members and is particularly keen to work with large city hotels. 


It said: "We have been receiving a steady stream of inquiries from hotels in the region over the past couple years. There is a high demand for recycling services, and we expect rapid adoption over the next 12 months."


Clean The World provides participating hotels with collection bins and UPS shipping labels to forward the waste toiletries, which it then cleans and repackages in hygiene kits. 


Since 2009, it has distributed more than 1 million hygiene kits in the United States, Canada, and Asia, some for disaster relief, while diverting 3,600 tons of waste from landfills.


London Heathrow Marriott Hotel general manager Ron Vos said: "If you think about the amount of soap that's discarded by each of [our] guests and then consider all the people in the world that may not have the luxury of hygiene products, it seems absurd to let it all go to waste.


"Clean The World does a fantastic job of distributing these and other donated products to impoverished people, preventing millions of hygiene-related deaths each year."