Netherlands on track for wind-powered trains

The Netherlands' ambition to have a fully wind-powered rail network by 2018 has moved a step closer.

In recent months a deal was signed between train operators' energy procurement group VIVENS and energy company Eneco -" which has an increasing focus on sustainable sources.

Now, VIVENS has become the 7th partner in Eress, the non-profit European organisation behind Erex -" an IT system that standardises the management of and billing for energy consumed by trains.

Around half the Netherlands' 2,890 km electrified network is already powered by the wind. The energy contributed by wind turbines should riseto 70% in 2016 and 95% in 2017.

Eneco plans to garner the extra energy it needs from turbines in surrounding countries as well as its own.

"As one of the biggest electricity consumers in the Netherlands, the Dutch railways are making a remarkable job reducing energy consumption,"saidEress director, Dyre Martin Gulbrandsen.

"As of 2018, all electric trains in the Netherlands will be running on green wind power, producing no CO2 emissions at all, enabling passengers to be truly green as they travel."

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