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Finnair praised for emissions data
Finnair has been praised for its disclosure of carbon emission data by a leading watchdog.
The airline was identified as a Nordic leader for the quality of its climate change related information that it discloses to investors and the global marketplace through CDP, the Carbon Disclosure Project, an international not for profit organisation that aims to drive sustainable economies.
Finnair was awarded a position on the Nordic Disclosure Leadership Index (CDLI), which comprises organisations that have scored within the top 10% in the region. The airline scored 99 out of 100 by disclosing high quality carbon emissions and energy data through CDP's climate change programme, data that had been independently assessed against CDP's scoring methodology.
"This recognition from CDP validates our efforts and ability to measure and disclose information related to climate change", says Pekka Vauramo, Finnair chief executive.
"Aviation is an energy-intensive industry, and it is important to understand the impact Finnair as an airline has on climate change, to be able to take well-planned steps towards more sustainable aviation." 
Finnair is committed to the common goal of the aviation industry to stabilise net aviation CO2 emissions at 2020 levels through carbon-neutral growth. The industry is also pushing for a global economic mechanism for dealing with the emissions that can't be reduced immediately. 
Paul Dickinson, executive chairman and co-founder of CDP said: "As the world looks beyond the Paris climate change negotiations and prepares for a low carbon future, reliable information about how companies are responding to the transition will be ever more valuable.
"Top scores indicate a high level of transparency in the disclosure of climate change-related information, providing investors with a level of comfort to assess corporate accountability and preparedness for changing market demands and emissions regulation."